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Gravid Yoga and Post prenatal Yoga- and

Who is Maruska Lotus? my long life alias, my brand name as I went trough life, changes, bead jewelry designing, yoga transitions.      

Maruska is another form of my name Marie and Lotus was added one beautiful day while visiting floating village in Cambodia, surrounded by breathtaking Lotus flowers. It follows me ever since.                                                

Jewelry making was part of my life as far as I can remember since my sister Lenka is inspirational bead designer and bead business owner. Based on my sisters vision, me and my brother Nikola created company named Mystical Garden providing materials for designers and bead, stone related firms.

Jewelry making just comes along, providing family moments designing together, living creatively, and finally making my simple yoga designs accessible for public.

Yoga and beads, lifestyle. The balance in life is very important to me just as much as welfare of all living things including you..